Time Square 2024


podcast #3:

Time Square 2024

Joe and Henry find themselves in Time Square, in a different decade. They visit an urgent care facility for older white folks that still can't dance.

Joe gives you the dead-honest lowdown on the ACA and singlehandedly solves the problem of repealing Obamacare.

Current news articles are examined and evaluated.

Then Joe goes back to the beginning with the help of a modern-day genetic research breakthrough. Joe takes a look at the Book of Genesis to see if we can find aliens in there.

Finally Joe's uncle Ned comes back from the dead to contribute a regular advice column which is named, "Is Ned Dead?"

Written and produced by Joseph Maas
All male voices - Joseph Maas
Female voice - Amy Gedgaudas
Background music for Science/Religion segment - Solar Nights by Joseph Maas
Bumper and music interludes composed, arranged and performed by Joseph Maas
UFO fx/Regan flying head sound by Dargoth
Royalty Free Music provided by Bakery Publishing (BMI), Partners In Rhyme Inc, and Jeff Schmidt Productions
Recorded and Mastered at Hidden Valley Studios

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