The Scoop


podcast #6:

The Scoop

Uncle Ned goes underground as a field correspondent to report strange events, late night at the edge of town.

Joe hints at some major ways the government could save money, then offers a commentary regarding Michelle Backmann's recent statements about the U.S. immigration crisis.

The famous B.F.R.O. (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) team, Matt, Cliff, Bobo and Ranae is invited into the studio for a spectacular group interview, also includes a surprise 5th guest.

Uncle Ned gives us another installment of his advice column, Is Ned Dead?

Written and produced by Joseph Maas
All male voices - Joseph Maas
Female voice - Amy Gedgaudas
Bumper and music interludes composed, arranged and performed by Joseph Maas
Royalty Free Music provided by Bakery Publishing (BMI), Partners In Rhyme Inc, and Jeff Schmidt
Creature Roar - Jacob Alcook
UFO fx/Regan flying head sound by Dargoth
Hot Rod Festival - Ears68
Drag Race Sounds - Confusion Music
Recorded and Mastered at Hidden Valley Studios

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