Deporting the Irish


podcast #2:

Deporting the Irish

While podcasting from the crown of the Statue of Liberty Joe is notified, as a result of research by the U.S. Immigration service some of the decedents of Irish immigrants much report for immediate deportation.

Then some kid next door bugs Joe right in the middle of his podcast segment about the current immigration fiasco on the U.S. - Mexican boarder. Joe uncoveres something shocking and incurable about the President of the United States.

Joe takes a look at what Anaximander did and how he deflated Thor.

The episode ends up with the final airing of Uncle Ned's, Still a Star series is "stuck in there" as Joe says. It's an interview with David Lee Roth, then afterward, Ned dies a happy man.

Written and produced by Joseph Maas
All male voices - Joseph Maas
Female voice - Amy Gedgaudas
David Lee Roth excerpts from Jump and other vocal excerpts, courtesy David Lee Roth(BMI)
Bumper and music interludes composed, arranged and performed by Joseph Maas
Royalty Free Music provided by Bakery Publishing (BMI), Partners In Rhyme Inc, and Jeff Schmidt Productions
Recorded and Mastered at Hidden Valley Studios

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